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Hi,  I have stored here my research and tools for my Creative Leadership class at MCAD 2022.

Systems Thinking & Mapping

System thinking examines the interrelationships of elements and how they interact or connect with each other. Through the use of systems mapping, we can see how they work and also look at why they may fail by looking at causation. It can also help with innovation and the road blocks to them. Greg Mulgan suggests “the best maps show both causations (i.e. what causes what) and also the state of knowledge (i.e. what is known about what causes what) so that they can guide strategy, and options for innovation, while also shaping research strategies to fill in the missing gaps of knowledge.”(pg. 10)


Geoff Mulgan, Joined-up Innovation, What is systemic innovation and How can it be done effectively?, January 2013.

Appreciative Inquiry Reflection

What innovative action have you taken which has had a deep lasting positive impression on you and your community?


Bettilyn Berglund spoke about how seeds were planted along the way which led the church’s new green group for which she was a member to choose to pursue a micro fit solar panel project to support the environment and to bring the community together in a new way. She brought the idea to the group, sourcing possible providers, and speaking to others about possibilities, for funding, interest, and opportunities. She worked closely with two other members reaching out to the community and other church members for advice and direction. The building committee, trustees, and church council along with the minister and our neighbours all provided positive feedback on how to approach this task. Together they put an 80 Kilowatt solar array on the church roof providing energy to the grid for 20 years. “I just did it, I relied on others' expertise always consulting and bringing it back to the group,” replied Berglund.


Describe a time when you felt you inspired people?

Berglund felt this project inspired people to recognize and acknowledge the environmental problems which we are faced with. “Many people probably had not thought of clean energy before but invested in the project and were inspired by it. It has been 10 years and the initial capital and investors' interest have been paid off, every cent from here on goes directly to the church as income, I am happy for this," declared Berglund.


How do you think it affected the community?

Berglund felt that the community was talking, the different church groups, and even the city was interested in the project. She also felt that the congregants were proud of the project and the success of this might have helped to fuel the other environmental changes which were made, like switching to led lighting.


It can be used to rewire the brain, relieve anxiety, or even used to initiate inspiration. Tapping (EFT), Emotional Freedom Techniques is based on Chinese meridians, pathways of energy that interconnect with organs of the body and emotions. Energy gets stuck and tapping can help unblock to allow flow. Tapping is done by using the tips of your fingers on these identified points of the body (indentations), both hands are used. If there is a spot that seems sensitive, this indicates that there is energy stuck. What is the emotion that you feel when you are stressed if you can identify the emotion can also identify the corresponding energy point?


Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 12.19.15 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 12.18.49 PM.png

KC: Karate Chop (Small Intestine Meridian)


Usually, starting from the karate chop point that connects you with the pituitary gland. “When the energy is flowing here you find it easier to make decisions, your judgment is clearer” explains Gwenn Bonnell from Tap Into Heaven.(audio found at the bottom of the page) This is easily accessed, even in a meeting, if you are feeling undecided and you think it might be from blocked energy, tap the side of your hands. This also helps you unhook from any emotional attachment to the decision.
“Why we use it: Releases feeling stuck and promotes ease in moving forward, letting go, healing from grief, and ability to be happy in the present moment.”

EB: Eyebrow (Bladder Meridian)

The eyebrow points relieve mental stress and affect the nervous system, “when disturbed, you go into information overload”, and when flowing “you feel more hopeful and connected to a bright future”. “Why we use it: Releases trauma, hurt, and sadness and promotes peace and emotional healing.”

SE: Side of the Eye (Gall Bladder Meridian)

The Side of the Eye is the gallbladder meridian which also works on digestion, and metabolism, and helps the lymph system eliminate toxins from the body which clears muscle aches and fatigue, and tension in the neck and shoulders. When it is flowing you have the initiative to make decisions. If you might feel judgment, resentment, and anger, even just holding this point will help, especially when you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep, and things keep coming up. I think this happened last night, I could have used this.

“Why we use it: Releases resentment and anger and promotes clarity and compassion.”

“UE: Under the Eye (Stomach Meridian)

Why we use it: Releases worry, fear, bitterness, hunger, unsupported, and anxiety and promotes contentment, go out for a walk to connect to the earth, calmness, and the feeling of safety. Off the end of the second toe.

UN: Under the Nose (Governing Vessel Meridian)

Why we use it: Releases shame and powerlessness and promotes self-acceptance, self-empowerment, and compassion for self and others. gathers yang and circulates the energy to protect yourself and connects with the brain.

CH: Chin/Under the Mouth (Central Meridian)

Why we use it: Releases confusion and uncertainty and promotes clarity, certainty, confidence, and self-acceptance. Microcosmic orbit breathing through your nose. Store energy here, feel depleted you feel vulnerable. Zip up this meridian so you are not as venerable.

CB: Collarbone (Kidney Meridian)

Why we use it: Releases the feeling of being stuck and promotes ease in moving forward, healing energy, confidence, and clarity.

UA: Under the Arm (Spleen Meridian)

Why we use it: Releases guilt, worry, and obsessing and promotes clarity, confidence, relaxation, and compassion for self and others.

TH: Top of the Head (Crown Chakra)

Why we use it: This is not one particular point, rather its a collection of many meridian points. Tapping on the top of the head opens the crown chakra and promotes spiritual connection, while “anchoring in” the new balance and alignment from the completed tapping round.”

You can discover two or three emotional points you can use throughout the day to release tensions you may accumulate at work. They call it an emotional first aid kit. You can include affirmations that correspond to how you react when under stress. There is a connection between the body's energy state and our emotional state or spiritual state which tapping can help get us in tune with.


Tapping on both sides of the spine associates every system and is a good way to calm even your dog, which I have tried and found it works well when she is crazy and just wants to play but is really just biting us.

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